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Precautions To Be Taken

Precautions To Be Taken:

  • This medicine can be a habit-forming and should only be used in the amounts and length of time prescribed by your doctor.

  • This medicine should not be taken together with alcoholic beverages.

  • Taking this medicine may induce sleepiness and slow breathing. The use heavy equipment and driving should be avoided when you are using butalbital.

Under any circumstances, do not take more Fioricet than what was prescribed by your doctor.

If the drug is not having the desired effect, consult your doctor to see whether or not a higher dose is advisable.

Taking Fioricet:

This medicine should only be taken in the manner prescribed by your doctor.

Typically, Fioricet is taken every two hours, though the intervals may vary depending on some factors.

A maximum of six doses is allowed over a 24-hour period.

Emergency medical attention is needed to deal with an overdose.

Signs of an overdose include irregular heartbeats, insomnia, dizziness, and fainting spells.

If not immediately treated, an overdose can result in a coma or partial paralysis.

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