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How to Stop Your Migraines Before They Blow Up

Can a little needle stop a geyser from blowing up?

You know about geysers. Underground volcanic activity super heats a pool of water. All that heat and pressure blasts a huge fountain of super heated water into the sky.

How does knowing about geysers help you relieve Migraines?

How can a little needle stop Migraines before they erupt?

Migraines are driven by pressure and heat that has built up over time

Migraines work in a similar way to geysers. As you feel discomfort and pressure starting to build up in your shoulders, neck, face, or head, you know that a Migraine is coming soon. If you don't relieve the pressure in time, it will erupt into a full blown Migraine. Currently, there are two common approaches: 1. Preventative medications and 2. Pain relief medications.

Preventative treatment requires you to take medications every day

Preventative medications include a wide range of drugs from antidepressants, anti-seizure drugs, beta-blockers, and antihistamines. Despite using one or more of these medications, many clients still get Migraines.

Pain relief medications can lessen the severity of a Migraine headache

When the pain starts, clients take a wide variety of medications from aspirin to heavy duty pain killers. These medications are effective at blocking out the pain. However, you can still feel Migraine discomfort when the pressure exceeds the pain relief. And there are also side effects.

Side effects are the downside of any medication

These medications can produce side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, lightheadedness, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, hair loss, ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, rebound headaches, muscle weakness, narcotics addiction, and, rarely, stroke and heart attack. In order to limit the use of medications, many people take steps to avoid the triggers for their Migraines.

Migraines have external and internal factors that trigger an attack

Stress is one of the most common triggers for a Migraine. Other triggers are: strong fragrances, certain foods, alcohol, fatigue, hormonal changes, or being in harsh lighting for long periods. Feeling strong emotions like anger, worry, or fear can also be a trigger for Migraines. What else can relieve Migraines without unhealthy side effects?

Why non-drug treatments are sought out for treating Migraines

Many people with Migraines are tired of taking with medications that only partially address their pain and discomfort. They are also concerned about the interaction of different drugs and the long-term effects of being on medications. These clients seek out acupuncture because they want to avoid further complications or side effects from medications.

How can a little acupuncture needle help to stop a Migraine?

Needling acupuncture points helps to regulate and harmonize a flow of energy, called Qi, throughout the body. Migraine discomfort is seen as an imbalance in how this energy moves and gathers in the body. Similar to a geyser, too much Qi builds up in the head and Whamo! You have a Migraine. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce these build ups and re-establish a harmonious flow in your body.

How acupuncture helps to reduce the pain and discomfort of a Migraine

Through treating different acupuncture points, the painful build ups of excess Qi energy are vented out of the body or re-circulated in a healthier way. Some of these points draw this energy out of the head toward the feet. Other points transform this energy into a less painful form. These treatments help to reveal the underlying factors of Migraines.

Perfectionistic thoughts and beliefs are an underlying factors of Migraines

A common pattern found in people with Migraines is being driven to excel at whatever they are trying to accomplish. These people often have thoughts and beliefs that push them to achieve their idea of perfection.

Perfection means that adequate is never good enough

These people work harder and harder to try and achieve their ideal, often at their own expense. The thoughts and beliefs to achieve perfection affect how their Qi builds up in their head and eventually develops into a Migraine. Stopping future Migraines depends upon changing the core beliefs that drive these perfectionistic thoughts and beliefs.

Healing the core is about knowing your value

What drives a person to work harder and harder to achieve perfection? The belief that whatever the person does it will never be good enough. So they must keep trying over and over to achieve the perfect outcome. When a person with this pattern really sees the value that they have inside, then they stop pushing themselves to achieve perfection. They feel their true worth and value in a new and healthy way.

When a person knows their true value, their world changes

Instead of focusing on what is not perfect, they can see and appreciate the value of what they accomplish. They are no longer driven by a belief that they need to strive to be perfect. They know their self-worth that is apart from what they achieve or accomplish in the world. They are now free from their beliefs which have led them to develop Migraines.

Healing your Migraines takes more than just medicating your pain

Migraines are like a geyser that is going off in your head. Acupuncture can reduce the pressure of your Migraines before they erupt. Stopping Migraines entirely requires finding and changing the underlying thoughts and beliefs that are driving the build up of pressure and energy that leads to Migraines.

By Greg Lee

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