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Migraines - How to Get Rid of Them Forever

The main symptoms of Migraines are a pulsating headache accompanied by nausea and diarrhea. Sometimes there is blurred vision and sensitivity to sounds and bright lights. The headache starts on one side and builds up into a throbbing one which leaves the person completely fatigued and unable to do anything.

Treating a Migraine symptomatically helps and each person may have a different reaction. For some an ice pack placed on the forehead helps whereas the same thing for another could worsen the headache, for the others the alternative treatment of a hot towel placed on the head could relieve the pain.

There are various types of pain killers which help, here again people get relief from different medications and sometimes a combination is required.

Sleeping it off helps a Migraine and the patient should be allowed to rest in a dark room with no disturbance. If the nausea is too much an intravenous drip might be required.

Migraines are brought on for various reasons; these could be due to stress and tension, certain foods, a sunny hot day and a long drive or travel. A person who suffers from Migraine should know how to avoid it and realize what brings it on.

Foods like cheese and chocolates are known to bring on Migraines; going out in the hot sun; a long distance travel and of course being stressed out.

Sometimes Migraines come on prior to menstruation because of hormonal changes in the body.

Once the person identifies the root of the problem and avoids those situations most people have had reduced Migraines and there are positive results. Avoiding certain foods, excess alcohol consumption, intake of caffeine and any such foods that bring on Migraines helps a lot. Know what causes your Migraines and avoid it and you will be able to live almost without them in future.

By Tom Chuong

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