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Fioricet: When is the Right Time to Stop Taking this Pain Reliever?

I always wondered what the difference between headaches and Migraines was. After a stressful period, during which I lost my job, I found out. My head started to ache more and more often, sometimes the pain being accompanied by a pulsating sensation in my temples. The headaches kept on reappearing and I was beginning to worry. I went online and saw that my symptoms fitted the ones commonly described for Migraines.

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I went to see the doctor and asked for a prescription, something that would relieve the pain caused by these recurring headaches. The doctor was an old friend of my father's and took his time in explaining to me all I needed to know. He recommended taking it easy, reducing the stress in my life and sleeping normal hours. The treatment for my Migraines was Fioricet. It was the first time I had heard about this medication and thus, I had a lot of questions?

What kind of drug is Fioricet? Are there any side-effects to the treatment? Is this medication habit-forming? I asked the doctor question after question, being extremely curious if this Fioricet could solve my problems. The first thing that he said to me was that Fioricet is the brand name for a drug that contains three very important active ingredients. The combination between acetaminophen, butalbital and caffeine were supposed to relieve my headaches. It did not take too long for me to be convinced of its efficiency.

The doctor recommended I should take Fioricet every four hours, one or two tablets. I immediately asked about the maximum dose I could take. He advised against using more than six pills in the same day. I took my first two pills there and continue the treatment at home. Being warned about potential side-effects, I was not surprised that Fioricet tablets made me feel a little bit nauseous and sometimes dizzy. I read the prescription and discovered many other adverse reactions to the medication. In the meantime, I was perfectly satisfied with the treatment, as there were no more Migraines.

As time passes, I started to feel drowsy and tired all the time. Nausea was present constantly and somehow I felt that the medication made me feel restless. I scheduled an appointment with the doctor and stopped taking Fioricet. Withdrawal symptoms appeared in a short period of time and I have to recognize they were quite scary. I felt like no air could get in my lungs and so agitated that I could have jumped through the roof. Calling for emergency medical assistance, I was surprised for the ambulance to arrive in a matter of minutes. They put me on a central line and took me to the emergency ward of the general hospital.

The next day I woke up feeling weak, almost exhausted. My doctor paid me a visit and said that abrupt stopping of the treatment is not advisable under any circumstances. During my stay in the hospital, I was put back on Fioricet but with the dosage reduced. After being released, I knew it was high time that I got back on the horse and start job-hunting. I circled newspaper ads, browsed the web in search of the perfect job and told all my friends I was looking. Surprisingly, I got an offer from my previously workplace. It was better paid and required more responsibilities. It was during this time that the Migraines decreased in severity and rate of appearance.

The moment I started to feel better, I went to the doctor and asked about the possibility of stopping the treatment with Fioricet. He made sure I understood the consequences following this decision, particularly as I had already gone through such an experience.

We commonly agreed I was to continue taking Fioricet for a while and request a consult if any bothersome effects appear. As the Migraines appeared less often, I started to take Fioricet only when they were intense. In just a couple of weeks, the Migraines transformed into simple headaches, appearing when I was feeling tired or real stressed. The doctor said that I should change my lifestyle, eat healthy and get proper rest. Fioricet was indeed a simple solution to the Migraines I experienced and I consider it to be extremely efficient.

By Megan Mathews

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